Sign, Symptom, or Injury? Where Do You Stand?

As dancers and athletes, we unfortunately risk injuring our body every day. Every step, every leap, every time we get on the bike is a risk. Of course to reduce these chances, we should be taking every precaution we can to avoid that, such as correct bike size, the proper shoes, and solid technical training.

Sometimes, injury is inevitable. There are times when medical words and terms are thrown at us and we may or may not know what they completely mean and how it effects our current condition. Some primary examples of these types of terms would be: sign, symptom and injury.

A sign is an OBJECTIVE finding that may or may not be related to an injury or dysfunction and is typically recognized by a health professional. For example, a sign of muscle injury can be if the muscle tissue is tender, restricted or weak. Another common sign is the presence of inflammation or swelling.

A symptom is a SUBJECTIVE finding that may or may not be related to an injury or dysfunction. To make it plain and simple, it is how you would describe what you are feeling or experiencing to your health professional. Some of the most common symptoms are pain, burning, throbbing, achiness, and other sensations.

An injury is when a loss of function or structural damage has occurred. For example, tendonitis, sprains and strains are all common musculoskeletal injuries.

While recognizing signs and symptoms can aid in identifying or diagnosing an injury, some signs can be present before an injury actually occurs. Here at ANS Fitness and Physical Therapy, we offer screenings to identify deficits to avoid potential injury, for any activity! Contact us today to set up your initial consultation!


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